(Green) tea-time!

2013-10-09 19.00.41

Happy birthday hangul! Hangul, the native tongue of Korea, proudly celebrated its 567th birthday yesterday. However, instead of receiving gifts, it generously gave away, giving workers of Korea a day of enjoying comfort- from anywhere outside ones workplace! October 9th marks hangul day, officially reinstated as a national holiday in November 2012, this mini mid-week weekend, and major triumph of the almighty King Sejong, has not been recognised as a day of rest since 1991 (when companies were apparently pushing for MORE working days in the Korean calendar). My regards go out to the Hangul society, I fully appreciate your efforts in fighting Hangul’s battle, both for King Sejong and his hard alphabet-creating labour, and us, the working people of Korea.

Often a day off in Korea calls for travel, sight-seeing and tiring enjoyment of exploring our home for the year, but this week we decided to take time off from being tourists. Craving some homemade goodies, and not fancying facing typhoon Danas, who greeted us on Tuesday evening, we spent our period of freedom inside my ‘one room’ (konglish for a studio apartment). My friend Adrienne came to stay, we enjoyed a girls night-in with ‘girls’ (courtesy of Lena Dunham) followed by a girls day-in, substituting ‘girls’ for green tea, treating ourselves, and our other friend/head chef for the day, Kendyl, to some homemade cookies!

A Kiwi, a Canadian and a Brit, we ‘all’ got our hands green and indulged in our favourite sweet flavour of Asia, green tea (nok cha in Korean). We scoured the internet for a green tea cookie recipe and as a Brit, I’m unfamiliar with the ‘cup’ measuring system and so opted for the recipe most aligned with my baking knowledge; anything measured in grams. And although this was my main deciding factor (alongside the cutely crafted photos on the recipe link) in opting for ‘just one cookbooks’ recipe from a plethora of yummy looking options, my decision seem justified when there was no verbal response from our first cookie sample. Only the sight of our hands reaching for more!

The Kiwi, The Canadian, The Brit

We crafted three variations of this green tea-tastic recipe; The Original, The Choconok and The Camo-cookie.

First, we created The Original (although we only had 20 minutes chill time, not recommended, substituted matcha for korean green tea powder from home plus and powdered sugar for brown sugar) which can be found here:


2013-10-09 18.29.52

Second, we altered the original and split the ingredient quantities in half to create two mixtures. Green tea was added to the first and cocoa powder was substituted with green tea in the second. From this we created two logs. One chocolate, one green tea. When we sliced the logs we created a green tea-chocolate sandwich cookie. Let’s call it The Choconok (chocolate-nok cha). The milk chocolate flavour really complements the green tea and gives a sweeter finish!


Third, we again split the ingredient quantities in half, using green tea for the first and substituting cocoa powder for the second. These two mixtures were then swirled together to create a marble effect. We coined this variety The Camo Cookie!

2013-10-09 18.57.52

So, which of our three green creations were enjoyed the most?

The Brit vote: The Choconok
The Kiwi vote: The Original
The Canadian vote: The original

It would appear that just onecookbook has it spot on for team Canada and team Kiwi!

 Since my first milk green tea in the Thai border town of Satun I’ve become a fan of this natural flavour. I now seek it out wherever I go, in all of its delicious forms, whether it’s a latte, iced drink, bingsu, ice-cream, chocolate, cake, biscuits, noodles or the original unaltered tea leaves… You name it, I’d love to try it! Luckily I’ve found two lovely gals who also enjoy indulging in this bogey-coloured treat, and we all enjoyed the baking, and demolishing, of our baked green-tea cookies! Thanks girls and thanks ‘just one cookbook.’


Fancy your hand at some green-tea baking? Which of our cookie creations is the most appealing to you?

4 thoughts on “(Green) tea-time!

  1. Thanks so much for trying my green tea cookie recipe and linking back to my post. 🙂 Just shared your post with my FB fan page. Hope that was okay. 🙂

  2. A great blog. Glad to see that you haven’t lost your talent for baking. We are all trying to keep a healthy stock of goodies here for sustenance during the working day and I’m sure your cookies would have been devoured in no time at all.
    Love to you from everyone in the office
    Ann xx

    1. Hey Ann! Thanks, as always, for your lovely comments! Glad to hear you’re staying stocked up! And I’m sure as Christmas rolls in that stock’s gonna keep growing! Love back to you all xx

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