A jimjilbang initiation

Korea offers many experiences alien to the Western world. The 찜질방 (jimjilbang) is no exception. ‘Bang’ holding a meaning far from its western counterpart, denotes room, ‘jimjil,’ denotes hot bath. Put plainly, a jimjilbang is a gender-segregated area for naked cleansing. A place for Koreans, old and young, tall and small, hairy and not so hairy; … More A jimjilbang initiation

A delicious treat in the Korean heat

One of Korea’s wonderful traits is the importance it places on community. This is no more evident than with locals regularly visiting a place where they can communally sweat and wash, a ‘jimjilbang’ (찜질방). A jimjilbang is a public bathhouse providing bathhouse services such as pools, massages and saunas. (Although I’ve only experienced the high-end … More A delicious treat in the Korean heat