A jimjilbang initiation

Korea offers many experiences alien to the Western world. The 찜질방 (jimjilbang) is no exception. ‘Bang’ holding a meaning far from its western counterpart, denotes room, ‘jimjil,’ denotes hot bath. Put plainly, a jimjilbang is a gender-segregated area for naked cleansing. A place for Koreans, old and young, tall and small, hairy and not so hairy; … More A jimjilbang initiation

A delicious treat in the Korean heat

One of Korea’s wonderful traits is the importance it places on community. This is no more evident than with locals regularly visiting a place where they can communally sweat and wash, a ‘jimjilbang’ (찜질방). A jimjilbang is a public bathhouse providing bathhouse services such as pools, massages and saunas. (Although I’ve only experienced the high-end … More A delicious treat in the Korean heat

Local and Mountainous Blossoms: Hiking Jangsan Mountain, Busan

Caitlin’s first experience in Korea’s second city, Busan, arrived. It was March. Blossoms were blossoming. The sun was occasionally shining. But coats were still required for teaching time. Korean schools only succumbing to the temptation of bringing warmth and comfort to the classroom when icicles are almost formed upon ones nose… It was a ‘shiny’ … More Local and Mountainous Blossoms: Hiking Jangsan Mountain, Busan


Last week I taught my students how to talk about superheroes. So what a fantastic opportunity to talk about my very own real-life Korean superheroine. The blossom of the Korean cherry blossoms, the persimmon of my Korean fruit bowl, the kimchi of my Korean meal… The absolute best thing that could have happened to me … More Superkyeongseon!