Holy cow, I’m in India!

As always, I was Mrs Rushmore, dashing to the boarding gate, I had ‘plenty of time’ the passport queue controller reassured me (lovely English!), as I reached the border control, standing with 40 minutes of pre-departure breathing time. This anxiety-free breathing time was only possible with the support of a non-English speaking Chinese man. I turned the post-security check corner to find a 5-line strong immigration queue and not wanting to risk Manila (no time, missed flight) round 2. I decided to emulate the Korean ajumma, conformers to the non-Western way of queuing, I.e. no orderliness required, but with a British twang. A polite request to gently squeeze ahead of others, drenched in pleases and sorrys. Luckily I found this heroic body language to Chinese translator as my first queue-jump allowing suitor. He accepted my pushing request, once he translated my plea, chuckling and arms flailing. He physically guided me under 2 rows and cheerled team late Laura with what I assumed to be my translated explanation, shouted down to each queue jump requestee, as I worked my way through the line! I made it to the front faster than you can say ‘farang.’ Beautiful teamwork BKK passengers. Thank you.

One emergency exit seated flight later, thankful I wasn’t needed to disembark the 15kg emergency opening, it was arrival time…!


Take me back to the brown hills of Korea I didn’t sing, as we dawned down on the Dehli runway.

No offence SK, I love your neverending mountain peaks, but being treated to a far-viewing landscape was a welcomed piece of eye candy.

‘We thank you for your kind patience. Would you kindly wait until the aircraft…’ I kindly did!

First landing into India, I almost peed my pants with excitement, costa coffee was there to greet me in the arrivals hall! It’s been 1 year and 2 months since we last met, although we were never that close, it was lovely to see a familiar face.


And even friendlier, WHsmiths! WHat the?! Bountys! It’s true, their coconutty deliciousness still exists in this world!


Korea take note.

With a final ode to the awesome loveliness I received during the day…
My driver for the day, named after furniture, ‘Mr Sopha,’ supported my health with a Thai lozenge, my neighbour on flight no 1, subtle anti-support for my Indian adventure, an empty collectable ‘nut case’ and my neighbour on the third, support for my empty stomach, a veggie sandwich.

So, India, let’s make magic happen!


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