Tales on Taiwanese time!

Aside from Korea, I’ve never experienced a lone travel adventure, always enjoying them with my boyfriend Nick’s accompaniment. An opportunity for a four-day weekend adventure arose and as Nick’s currently off filling Mr Irwin’s shoes, saving the furry beings of the land down under, I took this opportunity to fulfill the bucket list wish of lone-travelling, and to relieve the itch of my travelers feet. My destination decision was based the following; a country with which I had no former relationship, a reputation for deliciousness and one my purse strings could afford me. Time for Taiwan!

My original plan was a date with myself, one-day, one-night. The rest to be enjoyed with my lovely friend Vivs, resident of nearby Hong Kong. However, our planned reunification under the sun happened to coincide with a technology conference Taipei happened to plan on that very same weekend. Oh Asia, with your fast-moving, technologically advanced consumers. And the eve eve of the trip, it was confirmed, our reunification was to be postponed, my lone travel adventure to be extended. I had a date with Taiwan!



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