Cherishing the Cherry Blossoms…

I’ve always admired oriental paintings, delicately decorated in harmonious cherry blossoms. Disappointingly I’ve yet to enjoy these elegant flowers in physical bloom, wistfully blowing in the asian breeze. But now I am young-gook sa ram, British girl living in Korea, this is soon to change. The remaining russets of winter are slowly fading and I’m eagerly anticipating the warm blooms of spring to show their blossoms. That is those blossoms that arrive only when mother nature blows her spring horn. The horn is yet to be heard, and blooms have already blossomed. A warm spring air is circulating, one it seems, the winter winds can never chill. The air that has blown my way is filled with the kindness and comforting affection that Korea and its residents have greeted me. I have been welcomed to a premature spring awakening!

For many weeks prior to my arrival in South Korea, making what my friends have coined, ‘The Korea Move,’ a joint effort was successfully made between them, myself, and family to conjure up blog name after blog name. With all their kind efforts, I left the country undecided. I agree with David Mitchell, if the content is right the name shouldn’t matter, but I still couldn’t bring myself to give up my irritating pattern of indecision. In retrospect the confidence in my content ideas wasn’t there either. But 2 weeks ago my pattern of indecision came to an end. I spent my third weekend in South Korea exploring the gleaming metropolis of Seoul. One may suggest I was, to use the already overused term, Seoul searching. But if I was searching it wasn’t intentional, it seems the name more found me. A hazy post-soju head and sleepy eyes determined my weary, hungover state during the 5-hour return bus journey to Gimhae, but this allowance of post-drinking freedom of mind and uninterrupted thinking time conjured a reflection on the past week. This, combined with the informative lonely planet highlighting the near-arrival of Korea’s cherry blossoms, inspired a name that finally fit, I needed no further time to deliberate. It is a perfect physical and metaphorical representation of how my journey has begun, and how I hope to continue living out this adventure, regularly experiencing beauty, expected and unexpected, in my heart and my surroundings.

So now my name is here, I can and will begin! I hope you will join me on my second amasian escapade, where I will illustrate my travel journey so far, the cherry blossoms I have already enjoyed prior to the dawn of spring, and those I anticipate will carry through to all four seasons.

Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Cherishing the Cherry Blossoms…

  1. Cherry Blossoms eh? I went to Washington to see their blossoms and was equally disappointed as mother nature had taken them away early. How dare she? Great to hear from you and look forward to reading about your adventures. Ann x

  2. Hey Lau,

    It’s great to read your first post from Asia! Looking forward to hearing all about your Amasian adventures and also seeing you post some pictures on here of those beautiful cherry blossoms when they eventually make an appearance.

    Mel x

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